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This podcast episode is dedicated to help you find your own inspiration. Izabela and I talk about what inspires us to do what we do on a daily basis and share with you a few of the tools we use. When you work from home you can sometimes miss interaction with others so what can we do to stay connected to the outside world? We talk about some inspirational tools and have an inspiring guest on the podcast.

Inspiration From Technology

Mr. Reader
Mr. Reader

I like to stay connected to positive developments in the world by reading technology and social media blogs and websites using a handy RSS reader called Mr. Reader. I cannot recommend this app enough for discovering the good things that are happening in the world every day. I mention to Izabela in the episode how I stopped reading, watching and listening to the negative biased main stream media news. Two of the top sites I follow in my daily Mr. Reader digest are Mashable (tech and social media) and Techmeme (geekier technology headlines). Every day I get inspiration from the stories on these two sites and that’s how I heard the amazing story of voice over Pete Gustin.

Pete Gustin Voice Over

Izabela and I hear the inspiring story of voice over artist Pete Gustin in this episode. Pete was recently featured on the front page of technology and social media blog Mashable – The Inspiring Story of a Man With No Vision, but a Big Voice. When Pete was 8 years old he was diagnosed with macular degeneration, a medical condition that means he is legally blind. Despite this we discovered how he performs voice over work (without reading copy) and we dug deeper into his skills to discover he is Creative Services Director at WEEI, a top market station in Boston, and… he even edits his own YouTube videos like this one that shows how a blind guy “reads” copy for  a living.

The response Pete had from the story getting featured on Mashable and other large websites and blogs in his home city of Boston has been overwhelming.

Pete Gustin’s Voice Over Story

Pete got told he would never make it in voice over by “THE guy who could make it happen” in New York at an early stage in his career. He talks about how he went back to interning in radio for a while longer before he bounced back and his voice over really took off. You can see all the videos, audio and voice overs Pete has created on his website – which he also created – at PeteGustin.com.

Accessible Radio Imaging & Production Tools

Here are some of the tools Pete uses to edit audio and video from his home studio:

Izabela’s Inspirational Tool

Twitter – Izabela loves this social networking tool as it allows her to connect with people all over the world on a daily basis.

I don’t even have to know the person, I can know of the person, Twitter allows me to connect with anyone on a one-to-one basis.

We lack face-to-face contact with people on a daily basis yet Twitter allows Izabela to engage online. She would love to get a tweet from you!

Mike’s Inspirational Tool

Lift App – A social network for productivity, inspiration and motivation. I signed up for this a couple of months ago but have not used it yet. You can check in to activities on a daily basis like “I exercised today”, “I went for a walk today” or “I didn’t drink alcohol today”.

I’d like to walk a couple of miles a day and check in on Lift to create a chain of daily checkins to this activity.


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