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This is an Adobe Audition podcast episode to talk about the updates announced by Adobe today. After a sneak peek at the NAB Show in Las Vegas; we can expect to see these updates for ourselves sometime in May. This is a contingency podcast episode as I was due to talk about using Kickstarter for radio and podcasting but that has been delayed slightly as I’m currently waiting for my Kickstarter project to be approved. As soon as it is you’ll hear Music Radio Creative podcast episode 40 which also includes updates and another guest appearance from my wife (and Business Development Manager) Izabela Russell.

Adobe Audition Podcast with Updates!

This podcast will focus on the recent developments with Adobe Audition due out in the next Creative Suite update. Colin Smith, Senior Solutions Consultant at Adobe walks through some of the Adobe Audition updates in this video.

Adobe Audition Gets Better

Since Adobe Audition CS5.5 we are seeing yearly updates to many of Adobe’s Creative Suite products and I’m pleased to see that Adobe Audition has been included in the 2013 new releases.

New Adobe Audition Effects

Adobe Audition’s new Sound Remover tool will be great for podcasters that would like to paint out background sound effects using Photoshop style tools. You can preview all effects in a waveform BEFORE you apply them and I’m excited about drawing pitch shifts onto a wave and many multitrack improvements.

How do you feel about all these Audition updates? Leave a comment and let me know. In the next episode of the Music Radio Creative podcast Izabela will be back and we’ll talk about using Kickstarter for your radio station, show or podcast.

Join Adobe Creative Cloud

Want to get the latest Adobe Audition the moment it’s released? If you’d like to support these free podcasts and YouTube tutorials you can join Adobe Creative Cloud. It’ll cost you no extra and help to support the content I’m creating. I’m a member of Adobe Creative Cloud and highly recommend it!

UPDATE: Even more new features have just been announced on the official Adobe Audio Blog – What’s new in the next version of Adobe Audition?


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  1. To bad they haven’t made a native morphoder yet, wish they would focus more on effects and not JUST productivity… But I love the remover tool, because i have a girlfriendnwho loves to click the keyboard to bother me while I record – now i’ll just edit her out and she’ll stop being a buzzkill

    1. There was a pretty decent native vocoder in version 3.0. Perhaps Adobe will consider bringing this or an equivalent back in a future update? I too am excited about sound remover. As the dad of a little one I wonder if it’ll help with removing high pitched baby noises? 😉

  2. This is a must listen for anyone who is in the business of producing audio or anyone who is thinking about producing audio for anything, Radio, TV, Podcasts, IVR ON HOLD, you name it.

    Adobe continues its assault on all the major digital workstations, this podcast will enlighten you as to what is coming up in Adobe Audition CS6.5. Mike Russell delves into the upgrades and changes that are only approximately less than a month away from appearing at your favorite pro audio retailer or from Amazon or directly from Adobe Corp.

    Adobe is raising the bar against Logic Pro, Pro Tools and all others by offering some outstanding features for a price that’s very nice indeed. Have a listen.

    Duke Morgan
    Duke Morgan Productions- S Corp

    1. Duke, this is an amazing podcast testimonial. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave these words on the podcast episode. I agree it’s interesting to develop up against Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

      It’ll be interesting to hear more about your experiences with each different DAW in the future!

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