Free Dj Intro For The Best Dj In Town

What is a DJ Intro?

There is no better way to let your audience know who is in charge of their party than an awesome DJ intro! Epic DJ intro is a must if your brand is important to you and if you want your audience to remember you. Typically a DJ Intro would be a combination of a voice over and sound effects. Sometimes also with music mixed in (although this doesn’t always work well, especially where you like to use different types of music in your DJ mixes).

What Should Your DJ Intro Say?

At Music Radio Creative we work with DJs from all around the world. The scripts ordered vary far and wide. From our experience the best DJ intro should at the very least have the following qualities:

  1. Include your DJ name at least once!
  2. Keep it short and simple (20-30 words max!)
  3. Don’t include any social media links (your outro or DJ drops are best placed for that)
  4. Make it fun and include your personality in it.

Examples of DJ Intro Scripts

Here are some examples of scripts that would work well for a DJ intro. You can adapt it with your own name, music genre, location etc.

  1. You’re rocking with Your Royal Highness, DJ Name, da king of the haaaardest jams on radio.
  2. DJ Name counting down the biggest songs of 2022.
  3. This DJ knows how to jam… and he jams hard! DJ Name is in da building!!!
  4. Mixing the hottest tunes… one beat at a time… DJ Name.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, your DJ is in the building. The finest tunes have been locked… it’s time to start the party… With the one and only… DJ name!

Free DJ Intro

Get this super cool DJ intro with one of our deep and butch American male voice overs.

Script: “The best DJ in town is here, he’s revolutionary, remarkable and very large and in charge!”

You can use this intro to open your next DJ gig. If you like it – share it! Download instructions below! For those wishing to have something custom (that includes their very own DJ name in the intro) – check out our awesome voice overs here and start building your DJ intro now!

The Best DJ In Town Drop


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