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Here at Music Radio Creative we’re used to producing DJ drops, radio station IDs, commercials. DJs can freshen up their set with vocal drops and sweepers with sound effects. It’s the same for radio stations all around the world. They use jingles to identify a specific brand name, slogan and format.

The first radio jingle was created in the mid 1920s when commercial radio first hit the airwaves in the USA. It was for a breakfast cereal called Wheaties. The accapella group who sung the jingle became known as the “Wheaties Quartet”. As a result of that radio jingle Wheaties went on to become one of the most popular breakfast cereals in America.

A radio jingle is a catchy, slick and memorable piece of audio just like the original made in 1926. The production style, however, has moved on since the 1920s! Today a voice over with bleeps, swooshes and drones is the preference over sung jingles for DJs and radio stations.

Big companies like to use sung jingles to this day. Think about brands like the UK directory service 118 118, McDonalds (I’m Lovin’ It) and the Intel Pentium theme.

A good radio jingle can do amazing things for your business. Whether you’re a mobile DJ looking for more customers or a growing radio station. Jingles can give you an edge in a competitive market.

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