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If you’re thinking about starting a podcast or have one already in production, it’s a very good idea to join one of the many podcast communities. While your show might be in a specific niche, a podcasting community will be an incredible resource and knowledge support all along your journey.

  • Discoverability 

Podcasters tend to also be podcast listeners, so they are always looking for more shows to discover. Many of the communities have specific days to share episodes and offer review swaps.

  • Support 

If you run into a technical problem chances are there is a podcaster who knows how to fix it.

  • Ideas

Need some marketing ideas? Podcasters love the latest marketing tricks and are willing to share them! There will be podcasters with successful ideas. You’ll find out about free webinars and courses to help improve your podcast, as well as industry themes.

  • Finding Podcast Quests

If you’re looking for guests, it is a wonderful way to find people because podcasters already have the right equipment. No explaining why the guest needs a USB mic, plus the podcaster will probably be willing to share the episode with their audience.

How Podcast Communities Work?

The key to finding the right “podcast clubs” is understanding the rules and etiquette for each community. Often groups will not let you post individual episodes because they don’t want the group feed to become clogged with self-promotion. Make sure to be of value to other members. When you find an answer to your question – perhaps there is a way you can contribute back to somebody else’s?

Podcasting communities come in all shapes and sizes. I personally like being part of communities that are location specific or created on the back of specific events. If you do a Facebook search, you will probably find a Facebook podcast community close to where you live, or even in your niche.

Podcast Community Recommendations

Here are my top picks for communities in various places and niches:

Podcasters HangoutThis is one of the largest Facebook communities for podcasters with over 5,000 members. Podcasters at all stages of expertise discuss everything about podcasting from gear and studio setup to marketing ideas and anything in between. Favorite topics include, how to increase download numbers, which podcast host to use, and troubleshooting recording settings. The group moderators also provide free training as part of the membership.

Podcast Movement, Past, Present, and Future Attendees. Community based around the annual event. Plenty of discussion in this group including podcasting news, technical tips, and industry insights. Topics range widely and can include how to increase diversity in podcasting, how to increase sound quality, and what major networks and corporations are doing in the podcasting space.

Podcasters’ Paradise. Paid membership community created and managed by podcaster (Entrepreneur on Fire) John Lee Dumas. Wide  range of discussions. From basic set up questions to editing and podcast marketing ideas. There is also a special feature “Pay It Forward Friday” where the community members post new episodes and trade reviews.

Podcast Websites. Created by the Podcast Websites platform to support podcasting communities. Not exclusive to members and open to all podcasters around. Perfect for podcasters who are looking for a community to ask questions about podcast hosting, WordPress, and how to optimize content. There are notices for the private education that Podcast Websites offers to its members, and also free and open education opportunities, including weekly Facebook Live study halls hosted by the founder Mark Asquith.

ShePodcast. Group which is exclusive for female podcasters. It is the largest community of women podcasters on Facebook. Led by Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar, this is community focuses on podcasting from the female perspective. Topics include equipment and recording, but also how to manage a podcasting schedule around children, work, and family.

UK Podcasters. Community created by Music Radio Creative founders Mike and Izabela who often contribute in the group their expertise. Group with more UK and European based flavor. Good place to follow the state of podcasting in the UK. Similarly to other groups podcasters ask questions and share their experience with others there.

Are there any podcasting communities that have been of outstanding value to your on your journey? I would love to hear your experience!

Ramona RiceWritten by: Ramona Rice

Community Manager at Podcast Websites, professional podcast host and producer of Sports Gal Pal, We Should Not Be Friends, and Spapreneur Podcasts all proudly powered on the Podcast Websites platform. She lives in the US with her two tiny humans.


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