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Are You Ready For The New Year?

New years are excellent opportunities for new beginnings and fresh starts! For radio stations, it is a chance to have a brand new sound for their listeners. The best way to kick this off is by having some amazing sounding New Year radio jingles to pump up your broadcasts leading up to the midnight of the last day of the year. Also, a New Year’s eve radio broadcast will not be complete without some awesome jingles! No matter what your plans are for your New Year’s eve broadcast, make sure that your radio jingles sound amazing and energising.

Where To Get New Year Radio Jingles?

We love making all kinds of radio jingles and we’ve been making jingles New Year jingles since we’ve started! Our free radio jingles will definitely come in handy, whether you’re already set for the New Year or are still looking for some jingles to use. Here are three that feature the voice of our very own Mike Russell:

  • 001 New year radio jingle
  • 002 New year radio jingle
  • 003 New year radio jingle

Have something else in mind?

Do you have something specific in mind for your radio show? We’d love to help! We’ve been making custom audio for numerous radio stations for years and we can handle anything you want. Learn more about our custom radio jingles or order easily and quickly here –


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