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Does Your DJ Mix Include All The Hits?

Making DJ mixes is not an easy thing. DJs have to make sure that they create one that can keep their listeners’ energy and interest up. One way to do this is to include all the hits that their listeners love. Aside from this, it is also important to mix them together with great DJ drops that enhance the sound of your DJ mix. Hence, finding the best sounding DJ jingles is just as crucial as choosing the hits to put in your DJ mix.

Where To Find To Find The Best DJ Drops?

Some DJs also create their DJ drops, but a lot of DJs also entrust the creation of their DJ jingles to others. We have created numerous DJ drops for different DJs around the world. To help out those who are not quite sure of ordering from us, we make free jingles available for anyone who wants them. Here are a few good ones that will go well with all the hits you want to include in your DJ mix:

  • (version 1) All the hits
  • (version 2) All the hits
  • (version 3) All the hits
  • (version 1) The best mix
  • (version 2) The best mix

Ready to order your custom DJ drops?

If you like what we have for free, our custom DJ jingles and intros can sound even better! We can create any DJ jingle you have in mind. Learn more about our custom DJ drops here –


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