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It’s a question you hear all the time about social media platforms: “How do you get more followers on Instagram, Twitter, Vine or Facebook?” The same question goes for Spreaker – podcast host with it’s own user base. Here are some ideas for you:

Keep Your Audio Content Fresh

There’s nothing that listeners love more than fresh content coming from your radio station or podcast, week in and week out. Weekly is a good time frame to aim for, and keep the content coming. That way, visitors to your show page will know they can expect more and they’ll follow you!

Post Episodes at the Right Times

It may sound strange to say it, but posting at the right times can make the difference. If, for example, I were to post at 1am in the morning, I’d get much less people checking out my content than if I were to post between, say, 10am and 2pm.

Share Your Episodes as Far and as Publicly as Possible

Make your content shareable. As someone who produces audio, you may not consider visuals, but ensure that every episode or live stream you create has its own beautiful artwork to go with it, and share this on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can create your podcast artwork at Canva Logos or have a designer create one for you at 99designs.

Record a Studio Tour

This sounds really geeky, but your loyal fans will love it and share it – getting you brand new followers! Even if your studio is not much to look at, your audience will love that you’ve invited them behind the scenes. Make sure you film on a decent camera, otherwise this will be counterproductive. You want your video to look good. I recommend the Logitech C920 HD Webcam[/easyazon_link], which works perfectly on both Mac and PC.

Reply to your Followers and Comments

You’re starting to get new followers and comments? Great, well don’t just ignore them – get in there and reply. Interacting with your community is the single most important thing you can do to encourage growth.

What are you doing to increase your followers? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Would love more tips. I’m doing all of the above (save for the studio tour) for my DAILY social marketing news podcast and have a whopping 3 followers after 36 consistent episodes. I know the quality of the podcast is high as it’s the exact same one I did for Oracle when I was doing it for them. Could you help me understand the zero traction?

    1. Ask your friends and family to share and re-share your content on social media. This can help amplify your message enormously. Good luck with it all Mike!

  2. Hello Mike thank you for your information. The other problem is I can’t fine on my page where people would follow?
    I also have other people that produce my shows and distribute them. So I am on a few spreaker,s.

    Thank you both for your information. Please follow my page.
    Much love and light Richard

    1. With the show information I suggest you get in touch with Spreaker – they are a really friendly team and I am sure will help answer that question 🙂 best of luck with everything!

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