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Ever wonder how to actually make a T-rex roar? Could you make it yourself with just a few easily accessible sound effects?

In case you wonder. It takes an elephant, tiger, lion, whale, alligator, flying jet and a tree – no kidding! If you would like to learn step by step how to create that t-rex sound we are all familiar with, you may want to follow our full tutorial video below:

If you are after a quick download however – that’s fine too!

Free T-Rex Sounds Download

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Original T-Rex Sound Design

Full credit to Gary Rydstorm for the original creation of T-Rex sounds we are all familiar with on Jurassic World movies. Gary explains in detail how he had made the sound in this super informative video here. I have simply followed the formula described by him. All the individual sounds used for the final download in this blog were taken from under their Creative Commons 0 license.


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