Podcast Season 3

Should You Pay For Software?

Should you buy software or is freeware and shareware software the way to go? What about freemium software models? How do you feel about cloud SAAS subscriptions (Software as a Service). Let us know your thoughts in the comments!...

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Is it a Good Idea to Attend Events?

Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you enjoy attending events and conferences or have you never attended anything like this before in your life? Let us know your thoughts on attending real-life events! If you’re...

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Should You Twitter Bomb Podcast Episodes?

Twitter bombing your podcast shows can create a huge spike in downloads but is it ethical? If you Twitter bomb a show does it have a great impact on your overall audience? We discuss the pros and cons of Twitter bombing in this...

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Should Podcasts Be Mono or Stereo?

In this episode we debate the optimum way to upload a final podcast. Should it be in mono or stereo? How does having music included or simply a 30 second intro impact your decision on a stereo or mono recording. What do you...

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Is a Longer Podcast Better Quality?

We often hear “less is more” but what is the rule when it comes to podcasting? Should a podcast go on for hours or stick to a format of just a few minutes? How long is your podcast and what’s your opinion? Long...

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Should Music Licensing be Abolished?

Is the current system of music licensing effective in today’s online age? Internet radio stations, podcasters and YouTube channels would love to use commercially licensed music but is it cost effective for small to medium...

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