Adjusting Audio Speed In Adobe Premiere Pro: A Step-by-step Guide

Whether you want to speed up or slow down a section of your video, Adobe Premiere Pro makes it easy to do so. In this blog, I’ll show you how to adjust the speed of your clips in Premiere Pro.

Method 1: Speed Change

The first easy way to speed up or slow down a portion of your video is by changing the speed percentage of your clip.

To do this, in your timeline, double-click the clip you want to modify. You’ll be presented with a few options and just find and select “Speed/Duration”.

Then on the “Speed/Duration” tool, you can modify the speed percentage of the clip. You can slow down the clip by entering a number less than 100% or speed it up by entering a number greater than 100%.

Method 2: Duration Change

The second way to modify the pace of your clips in Adobe Premiere Pro is by changing the duration of your video.

The process is quite similar to the first method. You’ll need to access the “Speed/Duration” tool as instructed above.

Now, instead of changing the speed percentage of the clip, you’re now going to modify the duration. By shortening the duration, you’ll speed up the clip, and doing the opposite would make the video slower.

Make sure to click the okay button and then preview your video.


In the “Speed/Duration” tool, you’ll find a few more effects you can have fun with.

The first one is the “Reverse Speed” effect. If you check this option, your clip will be played backward. This is a good option if you want to blot out something on your audio or you just want to confuse your viewers.

The second effect inside the “Speed/Duration” tool is the “Maintain Audio Pitch” option. With this, you can slow down or speed up your clip without altering the pitch of your audio.

Last but not least is the “Ripple Edit, Shifting Trailing Clips” Effect. By enabling “Ripple Edit”, the clips that come after the one you are editing will automatically be shifted to the right or left to accommodate the change in duration. On the other hand, “Shifting Trailing Clips” allows you to shift all the clips after the one you are editing by a certain amount of time.

Final Thoughts on Adjusting Audio Speed

Adjusting the speed of your clips in Adobe Premiere Pro can add a new dimension to your videos. By changing the speed of your clips, you can add emphasis to specific moments, create a sense of flow, or enhance the overall impact of your videos. With the help of this blog post, you can easily slow down or speed up your clips to create the desired effect.

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