How Do I Get A Dj Drop?

What Are DJ Drops?

The expression ‘DJ drop’ is one which is bandied around quite often, but not always accurately. And you may get different answers to this question depending on who you talk to. What’s more, people often ask us this. So, for the avoidance of doubt, here’s a quick reminder.

A DJ drop, in a nutshell, is a short, pre-recorded voiceover sample which gets ‘dropped’ at random into any kind of live or pre-recorded set by the person in charge of spinning the tunes. If you’re a professional DJ, there are few better ways of marketing your brand and developing your business, yourself and your mixes.

Why Do DJs Use Jingles?

Whether you are radio station DJ or club DJ, our DJ jingle should leave no one in any doubt as to who is playing the tunes and giving out those good vibes – so the most important thing is that you get your name in there.

Whatever platform you use to share and promote your DJ mixes, such as Soundcloud or Mixcloud, or however you publicise yourself to club promoters, with drops there’s every chance they’ll remember your name and then look for you online.

You may want to have just your name, some sound effects and extra production, plus either a snatch of words or longer production. Clearly, the more sound effects you add, the more professional you can sound, and you can include more to match the genre and style of the music you play.

You might want to add something like ‘DJ (name) is in the mix’ or ‘Keeping it fresh with …’ to your name in your drop.

How Do I Get A Dj Drop?

How Can You Use Custom DJ Drops?

Custom DJ jingles are used by the top DJs around the world for marketing campaigns, plus promoting competitions, events and new releases. A professional voice over artist can create a custom dj drop to match the style and tone of a specific brand or genre.

How Do You Get a DJ Drop For Free?

Well, if you have your own equipment, and the right expertise, you can certainly have a crack at making your own DJ IDs. Equally, there are places online offering free DJ drops, but there may not necessarily be many guarantees as to the quality.

One great option is to check out our Free DJ jingles section here at Music Radio Creative.

We have some top-notch DJ drops that won’t set you back a penny. Just download and use them however you want. What’s more, they’re the work of some of our most popular and talented voiceover artists, including Chelsea, Amy, Helen and Duke. You can have the drops of them saying ‘Only here’, ‘You’re tuned to’, ‘You’re in the mix with’ and ‘One hour of your favourite tracks and exclusives’.

These could provide just the jumping-off point you need into adding DJ drops to your set. There are also a range of pre-made DJ packages which can then be incorporated into your DJ sets once you know the message and intro you wish to use.

How Do I Get A Dj Drop?

How Much Does a DJ Drop Cost?

As with anything else, you very much get what you pay for! But, as a very general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay in the region of $15 to $25 for a DJ drop comprising 10 words, in MP3 format with great-quality audio.

Custom DJ Drops Packages

At Music Radio Creative we offer a range of free DJ drops to help you get started. If you are looking for a custom DJ ID then we have a range of voice talent which can record your own mix in a variety of different styles to promote your DJ skills. Check out our pre-made DJ Drop packages – best sellers amongst our clients for many years (new packages added regularly!).

Music Radio Creative has been making your audio sound great since 2005. We are the go to company for custom branding for DJs, podcasters, radio stations and businesses worldwide.


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