It’s easy to create your own sound effects. Here are seven of my own ideas to get you started!

1. Laser Gun Slinky

Grab a slinky spring, inflate a balloon inside the rings and start to shake the slinky for an amplified laser gun sound effect. Kids will love this one!

2. Cellophane Fire

Any standard cellophane that florists usually use to wrap flowers can be scrunched up in front of a microphone to create the sound of a crackling fire.

3. Rice Rain

Grab a bowl, some rice and a baking tray. Tip the rice onto the tray, record it and you have the pitter patter of rain.

4. Pillow Punch

Get any pillow from your sofa and give it a good whack for a punch sound effect. No humans harmed in the process!

5. Coconut Horse Hooves

Two coconuts and a flat wooden or concrete surface will produce the most realistic clip clop of a horse.

6. Watch Time Bomb

Get hold of an old analogue watch with a ticking second hand. Hold a sensitive microphone really close and get the tick tock of a time bomb.

7. Pasta Slime

Cook up some pasta and make sure it’s nice and soft. Drain and then run cold water over it so the pasta isn’t hot to touch. Next grab a load of pasta and squeeze it in your hands for a slime sound effect!