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Despite many people thinking that people who do work as voice talent. It is just like any other job. You have to turn up on time and do your job well. It also comes with hard work to get really good at it. A naturally ‘good’ voice may get you a few jobs here and there, but solid voice over training will help you stay long in the business and get a steady stream of clients.

Your Voice Changes

Over the years your voice will change. It will change in tones, get more or less flexible – depending on how you treat it. Professional training can be of a great help to look after the voice and give it longevity it deserves.

Remain committed to your art form and work hard to enhance your voice over skills. Develop those you need such as breathing techniques, business tools or tech skills. Keep learning and growing.

– Lorraine Ansell, England

You Can Help Better If You Are the Expert

Your voice is just a small part of the overall success. This is because when it comes down to it – people hire people for projects. They don’t hire just their voice. It matters if you have knowledge in all the side things such as physics of the sound and audio production. You can make somebody’s day by knowing the right setting or tool that can make their life easier. If you understand the ins and outs of the work of people in the industry – you will be their go to person. As there are far and few between that do. Those who do, always have their diaries full.

If someone truly desires to be in this business they need to be prepared. They should know, or seek training in, a number of areas: physics of the sound, audio production, business and performance.

– Rafe Sampson, Canada

Nothing is Easy!

If you think that turning on the microphone is easy. Think again! Those who are most successful in the industry invested a lot of time and money to get through a professional acting training. Each niche and project deserves a unique approach. Talent that recognises that and is able to feel what is needed and deliver a voiceover that wows each time. You can only accomplish this with acting training.

Technique and technical knowledge are a must. A doctor doesn’t just show to the operating room expecting to have a great procedure, they train as a doctor to be the best at their profession. Footballers don’t just show up to the pitch and hope to play well; they train. Voice over work can look easy, but that only comes with having had initial training.

– Michael Bodie, USA

Find a Reputable Voice Coach

This was by far the number one thing that our talent recommends to any aspiring voice over talent out there. Having an industry professional to assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you working on them will be your best investment. You need somebody who ideally has been doing this for some time and will be able to give you constructive tips and ideas on how you can continue your growth.

Here’s my biggest tip ever: find a coach, and use them. Regularly. Weekly, monthly, whatever you can afford. I started 3 years ago and I still meet with my coach every other week. This is a tough business, and trends are always changing. It’s very easy to get lazy too! It’s like working out a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it!

– Anne Vydra, USA

Book an assessment session with a reputable voice over coach, to find out what an experienced person thinks would be your strongest and weakest attributes at that moment in time – things to continue to improve and things that you may not be great for. Study with a reputable coach and practice, practice, practice everyday. Cold-read aloud every day.

– Jan Anderson, USA


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