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Everyone loves listening to the music from the “golden” times. There are some radio stations that are dedicated to playing only music from decades ago and there are some which offer listeners a dedicated radio show or two. So what can make your oldies radio show stand out from others? Make sure to choose some golden classics and use some good radio jingles.

10 Jingle Scripts for your Oldies Radio Show

Ready to spice up your oldies radio show? Create some jingles to go along with the golden classic tunes you will play. We have some free script ideas you can use to create your jingle. Make sure to replace the italised words with your own radio station or show name.

  • And here comes another golden oldie, from the golden oldie himself… DJ MRC!
  • You’re listening to the best hits of the 50s, 60s, and 70s… golden oldies.
  • Let’s dig up some music memories with golden oldies hits… here on MRC Radio.
  • Listen to the best music of the past… golden oldies on MRC Radio.
  • We’ll make you nostalgic every Tuesday and Thursday with music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
  • Here are the best oldies for you… on MRC Radio.
  • Your home for the sixties, seventies, and more… this is oldie FM.
  • Get ready for your speakers to rock. Today’s hits and great oldies… on MRC Radio.
  • Bringing back the memories, playing great oldies… it’s MRC Radio.
  • Making every oldie new again… it’s MRC Radio.

Looking for more jingle ideas for your radio show?

Ready to create a radio jingle for your oldies radio show? We’d love to help some more! Choose from our pool of amazing voice talents and our audio producers will make sure to create an awesome jingle for you.


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