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One major ingredient for an amazing DJ jingle is a well written script. We have been helping DJs create their DJ drops – from coming up with DJ scripts to producing the jingles. We’ve produced over 40,000 liners which can be heard in over 196 different countries. Whatever you need for a great jingle, we’ve got it!

10 Scripts Every DJ Playing House Music Can’t Go Without

Do you need to create DJ drops to go with your house music mixes? We have a few DJ scripts to help you get started! Feel free to use them by replacing DJ MRC with your own DJ name:

  • Raise the roof with the best house and electro vibes via your guide DJ MRC.
  • This is another epic chapter of house music. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome DJ MRC.
  • Welcome everyone! Enjoy your weekly house rush with DJ MRC.
  • Hey party people! Do you want the best electro house? Do you want to party? Let’s get started. Here is DJ MRC.
  • You’re locked into the hottest house show on the planet. Non stop banging beats with DJ MRC.
  • You want to party? Then turn it up! We got the beat! DJ MRC is in the mix for 60 minutes of pure… house… ecstasy.
  • Spinning the best in progressive, electro, dupstep, and house…. DJ MRC.
  • Delivering you the best in electronic music: dance, house, and clubbing. This is DJ MRC.
  • DJ MRC, bringing you the best in progressive and electro house. Turn it up.
  • Welcome to the house of DJ MRC. Get ready for best of trance, house and electro. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome DJ MRC… live… in the mix.

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