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Do You Have Enough DJ Drops For Your Mix?

It is every DJ’s goal to create interesting and fun mixes that will keep their listeners energised. Well-produced DJ drops help a lot to make mixes sound great and a good DJ needs a lot of it. No matter what kind of music tracks you include in your DJ mixes, you can put in the right kind of DJ jingles that will make everything sound really good together.

Where To Find Free DJ Drops?

Having a lot of DJ IDs will always come in handy. It is always good to have a wide variety of it that you can readily browse through when you’re looking for that perfect jingle to include between the tracks in your mixes. We make hundreds of DJ jingles every month and we love to have give out a few free ones every week to help out DJs who are just starting out. You can download and use these free DJ drops in your mixes whether you are a new DJ or an experienced one:

  • For the best in classic old school and R&B – Ted
  • Keep it locked right here – Ted
  • Mix it up – Mike

Looking For Custom DJ jingles?

These free DJ jingles are cool but one with your name on it is awesome! We can help create a custom DJ drop for you.


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