Mastering Voiceovers On Google Slides - A Step-by-step Guide

Google Slides offers you a seamless platform for creating collaborative presentations, but did you know you can take your slides to the next level by adding captivating voiceovers? Imagine engaging your audience with clear explanations, dynamic narrations, and persuasive deliveries. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of recording and attaching voiceovers, empowering you to create presentations that leave a lasting impact.

Recording Voiceovers for Google Slides

Whether you want to add your own voice or opt for text-to-speech voices, we’ve got you covered with various recording options.

  • You can use popular voice-recording tools like GarageBand or Audacity to create professional-grade narrations. Simply click record and record your voice. Our video below shows you how to easily do this.
  • For those with Creative Cloud subscription – it’s time to fire up Adobe Audition. This hidden gem allows you to generate your own text-to-speech voice overs for free. See how it works below:
  • Generative AI is the hot topic right now and this tool inside Adobe Firefly is no different:

Uploading and Attaching Your Voiceovers

Once your voiceover is ready, it’s time to seamlessly integrate it into your Google Slides presentation. Begin by uploading your audio file to Google Drive, ensuring it’s easily accessible to everyone you want to share it with. Adjust the accessibility settings according to your preferences. When you’re ready to attach the audio, open the relevant slide, click “Insert,” and choose “Audio.” Select your uploaded file, and like magic, a speaker icon appears on the slide. Your voiceover is now an integral part of your presentation! Click the icon to play the audio and drag it to your desired location for a perfect fit.

Let Music Radio Creative Elevate Your Voiceovers

At Music Radio Creative, we’re passionate about helping you create impactful presentations with flawless voiceovers and ai voices. Our professional voiceover artists are ready to bring your scripts to life with a vast range of styles, accents, and languages. From authoritative and informative to warm and inviting, we tailor the tone to match your vision. Need to add an extra touch of creativity? We can enhance your voiceovers with custom music, sound effects, and post-production magic, ensuring your audio sounds incredible and leaves a lasting impression.

Take your Google Slides presentations from ordinary to extraordinary with our custom audio solutions. Contact us today for a bespoke quote, and let’s work together to elevate your voiceovers and make your presentations truly shine! 🎤🎶


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