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Podcast production is a topic you should consider when making the perfect podcast. What jingles should you use? How can you make your podcast sound good and get your listeners to take action and come back for more? Mike Russell answers some podcaster questions.

How Do You Make The Perfect Podcast

Some actionable tips this week include:

  • Get your podcast name and episode number at the start for easy reference.
  • Get a podcast intro with a professional voice over talent and tell your listener what the podcast is about (you can do this while talking over a music bed).
  • Tease and tell! What’s coming up in the episode? What content have you got for your listener this time? Always tell your listener a reason why they need to stay listening until the very end of the podcast.
  • Use jingles – a jingle can help to break your podcast up into different sections (intro, content, tips, reviews etc.)
  • Podcast outro jingle – thank your listener for downloading and listening to you and give them something to do (a call to action) like visit your website or leave a review on iTunes.
  • Get an email list up and running on your website so you can email your listeners each time a new podcast is released (not every listener subscribes via iTunes). The email marketing company I use is AWeber – I’ve been with them since 2009 and they have been brilliant.

Remember when a potential listener previews your podcast on iTunes or similar podcast platforms they’ll make a judgement within around 30 seconds. Is this podcast worth my time and attention? Should I subscribe to the podcast? You need to give your very best at the start of a podcast so consider getting a professionally produced podcast intro.

QUICK TIP: Make sure all music in your podcast is licensed or has the correct royalty free status. Always check licensing terms with any audio production company that you order from.

Web URLs and Photos in Radio Jingles

Would you like to embed a web URL or photo into a jingle? There’s an app for that! I talk about it in greater detail in the podcast. There is so much potential to send your radio audience a link or photo ‘over the air’. I made a video to show you how it works.

iTunes Reviews and a SpeakPipe Message

Thank you to Adam Wood for your review on iTunes (5 stars) I am most grateful and also regular client of Music Radio Creative, Wayne Fysh, thank you! Wayne creates fantastic mashups of popular music tracks over at Bootleggers Music – check them out!

Rob Ellis recorded a voice message for the podcast with a question about sound quality in Adobe Audition. If your audio is not recording correctly here are a few settings you can check.

Preferences > Audio Hardware

Default Input: (make sure your sound card is selected)
Default Output: (make sure your sound card is selected)
Master Clock: (make sure your sound card is selected)
I/O Buffer Size: 512 samples
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Preferences > Audio Channel Mapping

Make sure your sound card inputs and outputs are selected there too.

See Music Radio Creative on YouTube for more Adobe Audition tutorials and remember to subscribe on YouTube for more video tutorials.

Podcast Ad

I slipped my first podcast ad into the show this week. My ambition was to make it as subtle and seamless as possible so that it didn’t interrupt the flow of the show. Did you notice that I told you about my radio jingles eBook on the podcast this week?

Next Week : Compeition Winner and JR (The Character Voice Over)

I’ll announce the winner of the Music Radio Creative contest to win 6 fully produced jingles. It could be you if you’ve written a review on iTunes!

I’ll continue chatting to Music Radio Creative voice talent on the podcast as the Rachael episode got plenty of positive feedback. Next week on the podcast is a man of many voices.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you Mike, II just love the way you put your pod casts together Checked all my settings and they seam fine, is the i/o setting Latency? Thanks once again looking forward to next show, Btw, PRS & PPL you might want to have a natter to Dave Harris Boulter @ Cross Counties Radio, he knows music law like the back of his hand, Take care and until Next Time……
    Rob 🙂

    1. Yes it is. It’s best to set this as low as possible but if you start to experience drop outs just increase the I/O Buffer Size.

      Would you mind asking Dave to drop me a line?

  2. Yes please Mike to future tips on matching the sound of geo-separated voices. This matters in drama. A simple how-to might encourage games producers to contemplate real-time exchanges of dialogue rather than use unconvincing post-edits!

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