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Email marketing radio and voice over tips are discussed in this episode as I lift the lid on some of the marketing tools we use at Music Radio Creative.

Check Your iTunes Reviews Worldwide

Thanks to a podcasting friend of mine Cesar Abeid I recently discovered a great app called CommentCast for Mac. It allows any podcaster or app developer easily check all of their reviews on the iTunes stores – worldwide! I checked and found that I had reviews in Italy, Lebanon, Vietnam and even Singapore. It’s a truly amazing free Mac app for podcastsers and I highly recommend paying for the upgraded version to help the app developer.

Why You Need An Email List

Email marketing is essential part of the marketing mix at Music Radio Creative. An email list is a big asset for any company and I tell you how and why I use it in this podcast episode.

I recently made the switch and now use GetResponse for my email marketing. The customer service has been fantastic, I’ve had my questions answered in minutes, and they imported all my email subscribers from my old email marketing provider in under 12 hours! Email is personal YOU read it every day and anyone with an internet connection has an email address but not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter. This is why email wins as one of the number one ways to market to your customers or fans.

Email Marketing for Podcasters

If you’re a podcaster you’ll have an RSS feed for your podcast. Email marketing software like GetResponse will allow you to set up an RSS to email campaign that automatically emails new podcast episodes in your RSS feed to your email subscribers (or a portion of your subscribers if you prefer). This is amazingly powerful for any podcast and a great way to keep your audience coming back week in week out.

Email Marketing Radio Tips

By signing up to your email list a listener is expressing an interest in your brand by raising their hand ans saying, “yes, I’d like to hear more from you”. You can use this to keep your listeners up to date with the latest radio station playlist additions, competitions, events and more!

Email Marketing Voice Over Tips

Want to market your services as a voice over artist? There’s no better way than encouraging your current (and potential future) clients to sign up to your email list. You can keep them engaged by sending out reminders of your work, availability schedule and even provide a few free samples to tease possible new customers.

Why Use An Email Marketing Company?

Why use a third party company to host your email list and manage sending of messages to your valuable connections? Email marketing companies such as GetResponse have great relations with ISPs and email providers like Gmail, Yahoo! and more. This helps to guarantee that your emails will be delivered to your subscribers (you want them to see your email and for it not to go the spam box right?) Web hosts often place limits on the amount of emails you can send in an hour. If you send more with out prior approval you can end up getting blacklisted, or worse, having your account suspended. That’s why you should consider going with a dedicated company if you take your business seriously.

Autoresponders 2.0 And More With GetResponse

GetResponse have introduced a fantastic new feature this week called Autoresponders 2.0. You can send emails to your subscribers on a scheduled basis and the best thing about GetResponse? Autoresponders 2.0 allows you to send out different emails based on an action taken in a previous email. For example you could send an email if a subscriber clicks a certain link in a previous email.

Surveys are another big plus of Get Response. I used to use a mix of my old email provider and Survey Monkey to gain survey insights.

Future Podcast Episodes

This episode was initially supposed to be all about Kickstarter for radio and podcasting but I still await approval of my project which has been pending for a week (they must be busy at Kickstarter right now!) I hope to bring the Kickstarter episode to you, along with the return of Izabela Russell, in the next episode. Stay tuned and remember to sign up to our email newsletter for all the details.


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