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Any radio station, podcaster or voice over should consider their own online community engagement strategy. Here are some tools and ideas with Jim Ducharme.

Jim Ducharme, Community Director for GetResponse joins me on this week’s podcast episode. Listen for tips and tricks if you’re in radio, voice over or podcasting.

What Is Community Management?

Jim defines the difference between public relations and community management as the divide between telling people what to think and asking people what they think. In todays world of pull marketing interacting with any customer is critical.

The Importance Of Email Marketing

When you have people subscribed to your email list you own that list and that’s the difference between pushing messages out on Facebook or Twitter. The ROI on email marketing is still fantastic at around $40 for every $1 you spend out. Email is a social interaction and the user doesn’t think about where they interact. As a marketer you need to focus more on the conversation and content rather than the different channels you market on.

Engaging on Facebook

Most people aren’t worried about what you may have done wrong as a company they’re more concerned about how you respond to a customer who suggests you’ve done something wrong. You need to keep an eye on your Facebook page, reply and not treat Facebook ad a billboard. It’s a channel for two way conversation.

Community Engagement For A Radio Station

You already have the demographics of your listeners as a radio station. If you know who you want to talk to make sure you apply it to your email list. Radio station email subscribers what to know more about your on air talent. You could get your listeners to guest blog for you or contribute to an online forum.

How To Get More Email Subscribers

If you’re a voice over artist why not offer a competition to win a free 30 second spot?

Radio stations can run a monthly draw to win a radio station t-shirt.

What do you do as a voice artist or radio station that makes you popular and how can you translate that to your email list?

Podcasting As Your Marketing Mix

Podcasting is on demand talk radio and they are great because they are portable. Podcasts are also free form and not controlled by big corporations people are trying and testing their own approaches to audio content.

How Can Podcasters Convert Listeners?

You need an RSS-to-email list setup but you also need a landing page setup rather than sending listeners away to external podcast listening services.

Online Community Engagement Ideas

Viral email marketing video with the voice talent and creative input of Jim Ducharme.


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    1. You’re welcome Jim, it was a great chat, I learned plenty while talking to you. I know I’m still at the tip of the iceberg with online engagement and email marketing so exciting to get your insights in this episode. Keep up the great work – really like you and the team at GetResponse. Thanks!

  1. Wow! Great, informative, insightful episode. I love the idea that PR is telling people what to think and community management is asking people what they think. Thank you for that, Jim.

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