Ultimate Free Dj Intro

As a DJ you need a great sounding intro to impress your listeners right from the start. Well produced intro will not only add a professional sound but also enable you to connect with the listeners and showcase your DJ brand too.

How To Get DJ Drops?

We have covered this topic in detail in our blog post on How To Get DJ Drops. From free to paid solutions. Creativity is your limit and ultimately the type of a DJ intro or a DJ drop you get depends on both the budget and the style you are after.

Free DJ Drop

In this blog post we are giving you a free DJ intro which can be used as it is or customised with your own DJ name. You can easily tag your DJ name at the end (for custom DJ drops check out our page here.).

Free DJ Intro: Don’t Look Any Further, Your Search For The Ultimate Mix Show Begins And Ends Here!

Voice: Powerful male American voice over Mick. With deep and powerful vocal for maximum impact.

Great DJs need Great DJ Drops

Great DJ drops are important to any DJ! If you are looking for a custom solution to your mixes – get in touch! We have pre-made packages for those on a budget as well as fully custom DJ drop solutions. With 160+ voice artists, multiple languages and amazing customer service you will not find a better offer for custom DJ drops.


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  1. I’m impressed with Mike’s vocal abilities. His voice commands attention, without being overpowering. Looks like I have another go-to VO artist.

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