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Adobe Creative Cloud Update

It has now been revealed that the latest version of this fantastic audio editing software will be known as Adobe Audition CC. The new features are powerful!

This is the next major update to the Creative Cloud suite.

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe Systems

David Wadhwani announced the new set of CC apps from Adobe at the Adobe MAX conference. Files and folders sync to the cloud and are accessible on all your devices and even to other creatives. You’ll benefit from collaboration with millions of creatives. You can create and benefit from a personal portfolio and share it with your own network of creatives on the web and build up your personal reputation.

The next Creative Cloud is closely integrated with the social features of online portfolio site Behance that will allow sharing using your Adobe ID.

Adobe Audition CC

You can save your audio and session files into the Creative Cloud. You can get revised versions of your work and jump right back to any previous version of your work. Everything is synced and available anywhere (including iPhone with a new Creative Cloud app). You can also roll back to previous app versions, like Adobe Audition CS6, as part of a Creative Cloud membership. Adobe Audition CC is out on June 17th, 2013.

All your settings are saved to the Creative Cloud so you’ll never need to worry about losing them again. All your preferences, presets and even keyboard shortcuts will be saved so that when you change computers, operating systems or upgrade you’ll be able to get everything back the way you like it by clicking ‘Sync Settings’.

Get the latest version of Adobe Audition by joining the Adobe Creative Cloud.


12 Responses

  1. Are you making the jump Mike? Im on the fence, I upgraded to CS6 (when I notice how much better is was that 5.5).

    But it doesn’t seem like CC is going to be enough of an upgrade.

    What do others think?

    1. Kyran, I think it’s early days and time will tell how frequent and great the updates to Audition CC will be. I’m really excited to be a part of Adobe Creative Cloud not only because I also get the chance to use a stack of creative software I’d never have dreamed of using before. There will be some significant handy updates in Audition CC (such as preview panel and multitrack improvements). Looking forward to hear your thoughts Kyran.

      1. I think Audition is really starting to get known for being its own set of software. I don’t know how many times I’ve used it to “clean up” audio, and improving the quality of the recording. I don’t think this is something you can really do in Pro Tools or Logic.

        So, I guess I’m really excited to see all the audio restoration improvements. That and being able to subscribe to all of the Adobe Creative Suite of products is nice. I’m with you Mike, and really want to try and learn Premier Pro. From the Video editors I’ve spoke to, THAT is really the software to learn. Since Final Cut’s latest update didn’t seem to help it much. Originally I was scared off by the price of Premier, but now that its part of CC…. And I can brush back up on my Adobe Illustrator skills from high school, at not extra cost…. I’m in!!

        1. Thanks for the comment Kyran.

          I agree. It’s exciting to see Audition come into its own and mixed in with the rest of the Creative Cloud apps makes it a really sweet deal!

          1. Hello Mike, I will be producing a radio show in the coming months and I am somewhat new to Audition. Is there some place you can point me to for beginners?

            I need to record anywhere between 2-4 people, so I guess this will be a multi-track recording. Thanks so much!

          2. Mike, thank you sir! This is exactly what I needed.

            Would you ever be open to doing a quick Skype chat where I could bounce a few questions off you?

  2. I was considering subscribing to the Adobe CC Suite, but after further investigation I find it really hard to subscribe to something that we in the UK are paying 50% more for than our colleagues in the USA, yes 50% more for the same product, I feel that Adobe are basically ripping of UK customers.

    The reply I got from one of the sales agents was that Adobe set their pricing by regional influences, which basically means the highest price that they can demand their product in different regions.

    Is it any wonder that their are so many cracked versions of their software floating about when they treat customers here in the UK with such utter contempt.

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