Here’s 10 quick tips on how to get heard as a voice artist. We have been snowed under with voice over demos during the last weeks at Music Radio Creative. There have been emails and demos of all shapes and sizes and it inspired Izabela and I to recorded a podcast with details with ideas on creating a voice over demo and sending it out.

The search still continues for great voice over talent. If you’re interested in applying to become a voice over at Music Radio Creative do go back and listen to episode #39 of the podcast.

Here are some of the voice over demo tips mentioned in the podcast episode:

  • Don’t attach a demo of your on air radio demo, make sure it is a demo of your voice over work, we’re not looking for the next Chris Evans!
  • Make sure the voice over cuts are raw and do not have heavy production on them. If you’re applying to become a voice talent we want to hear your voice not your production skills.
  • Bad recordings – quality is one of the MOST important things – some voice over demos were sent with tags “Sent from my iPhone” as an m4a voice memo. If you’re going to do voice over make sure to invest in the correct equipment as professional voice over Darren Altman mentions in episode #38.
  • Naming demo files with strange names or adding 10 different files without any indication of the contents.
  • Long winded emails that are paragraphs long. Get to the demo first and fast – always!
  • Don’t send your demo using external services, especially if they are likely to expire, if you can attach your audio in an email.
  • Avoid sending compressed .zip files as this can be a barrier to getting heard.
  • Try to keep your files in a format that’s good for both Mac and PC.
  • Be careful to spell the names of the company and people you are writing to correctly.
  • If you say you can do something in your cover email be sure to attach an example of it in your demo.

At the end of the podcast we heard from two voice over artists who went the extra mile and attached demos with personal greetings:

A quick note to say that the Music Radio Creative Podcast will return two weeks from the date of this podcast’s publication as we’re off for a break and I have made a promise to myself that I’ll have a social media blackout. Thanks for continuing to listen and please remember to leave a comment with your thoughts on this episode!