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Waves StudioRack v11 is out now with a shiny refreshed look and plenty of new features. It’s an awesome free download for anyone who owns an audio plugin from Waves.

It enables you to save all your Waves plugins into an effects rack that can be loaded into any DAW. This means you can work on a project in Pro Tools, set up all your plugins in StudioRack, then open everything up in Adobe Audition and restore your exact plugin chain.

Who Is Waves StudioRack For?

Waves StudioRack is great news for podcasters who may be using software without an effects rack (like Audacity). Effects racks allow you to layer one plugin on top of another so you can change the sound of your audio in multiple ways at once. An example would be EQ in the first slot then some compression in the second slot followed by a limiter in the third slot.

You can do anything with Waves StudioRack. The possibilities are endless!

How Does Waves StudioRack Work?

Watch the video below for an example of how Waves StudioRack could work in Audacity.

I made some presets for owners of the Waves Content Creator Audio Toolkit and Waves Platinum bundles. The first preset is for post processing a podcast and the second preset allows you to add a heavy “radio imaging” sound to any voice over. If there is good demand for these presets I may create more for different use cases in the future.

Let me know a Waves StudioRack preset that would be helpful for you in the comments.


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