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Flash briefings are relatively new still (at the time of writing in September 2019). They are however already showing a phenomenal potential in terms of reaching new audiences and keeping connected via content creation. If your brand is looking to utilize flash briefings in the content marketing strategy one thing you want to make sure is to ensure that it sounds great from day one. 

Audio Branding for Flash Briefings

Flash briefings are designed to be very short 1-2 minutes in length – sometimes even less. So when it comes to audio branding – unlike with a podcast or traditional radio – you don’t have a lot of space to play with. From our experience you should invest in no more than 5 seconds of audio branding. You may wonder – 5 seconds – why should I bother at all? Here are three main reasons why audio branding matters in every piece of content you create:

1. It subconsciously brings familiarity to your audience (if you coordinate your audio branding across all of your content channels) – it’s a little like your visual logo – would you use different versions across different platforms or stick to the same one everywhere? And would you decide to maybe use it here but not there? Nope, I didn’t think so 🙂 it’s the same with your audio brand. Consistency matters for your brand identity and recognition.

2. If you are not a big brand with multiple content channels but are looking to use flash briefings none the less, audio branding is still important. It gives a projection of professionalism and good quality. In the same way as good visual branding can sell your idea, so can good sound.

3. It distinguishes your content from other creators. It’s your unique stamp. We live in a noisy world – if you are to be recognized – you need to stand out. Good sounding audio can help you achieve this! Sonic branding is slowly finding it’s way from big brands to independent content creators such as podcasters too. It will undoubtedly make a big mark in the Alexa Skills world too.

If you are starting out and would like to make sure you sound great from the very first briefing you record – we have got you covered! Here is a package of 15 flash briefing intros that are ready to use. 

Custom Flash Briefing Branding

Take your own branding to the next level and work with our team on a 100% custom audio for your flash briefings. From custom music design, post production to full audio branding.


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