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Adobe Audition Podcast

Hosted by Mike Russell

Adobe Audition Podcast – Season One Finale

Download the “Adobe Audition Podcast – Season One Finale” audio file directly from here. It was automatically transcribed by below:

Hello this is Mike. Thank you for listening to the Adobe Audition podcast Season 1. We've had some fantastic guests on this show and I've been really excited to find out how many people are using Adobe Audition. Stick around and keep listening because Season 2 will be coming in early 2019. I can't wait to bring you more guests! In the meantime if you're interested to appear on Season 2 of the Adobe Audition podcast or you simply have some ideas on how to improve the show going forward into the next season. Head over to MRC dot fm forward slash a a podcast that's MRC dot fm forward slash a a podcast and I'll be back in early 2019 with Season 2 of the Adobe Audition podcast.

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