Music Production Presets

by Mike Russell

Bringing MIDI (almost) back to Adobe Audition.


Suitable for Adobe Audition CC 2019 and beyond.

What's Included

sesx file with all preloaded presets and tutorial videos on each element of the preset

How Does it Work?

Designed using Scientific Pitch Notation approved by the Acoustical Society of America.


Why purchase?

Looking to make music inside Adobe Audition? These presets offer a method to make music in Adobe Audition.

Helping You Make Music Inside Adobe Audition

Feel like Adobe Audition is Great But Missing One Thing? MIDI!

Audio production workflow can be greatly improved with some of the most popular effects available with just a few clicks. Our presets have proven to be time saving and quality improving tool for many audio producers and voice artists. We have worked over the years to optimise the presets so that you can create fantastic audio time and time again without putting hours of post production time.

Those presets aim to provide you with professional tools and techniques that you can apply to your post production process. They are for anyone using Adobe Audition CC 2019 (or higher) in their process (we believe this is the best choice for those taking audio recording and production seriously).

Main Features

This preset package uses only native Adobe Audition effects to create music.

Two full octaves to create your own music inside.

Create any tone at a frequency of 261.63 Hz and use it instantly

Record a vocal sample and turn it into musical notes!

Designed using Scientific Pitch Notation approved by the Acoustical Society of America.

Bringing MIDI (almost) back to Adobe Audition.

What’s Included?

Please see details of included tracks and workflow suggestions here. We work continuously with the preset users to improve further versions. We ask for feedback and take it on board with further releases. All minor updates (1.x) will be provided free of charge to those purchasing the presets.

Tracks inside the presets
  • Acapella track with compression, EQ and reverb specifically designed for sung vocals.
  • Compression bus to make your music sound huge.
  • Reverb track to add some light reverb to your instruments.
  • Delay track for a nice on beat echo on your instruments.
  • Detune Left and Right tracks to make generated synth sounds bigger and bolder.
  • Hard Limiter on the master channel to ensure your final mix never peaks.
Detailed and Intelligent Optimisation of Your Workflow
  • Default of 120 BPM but adaptable to any BPM range.
  • Record a vocal sample and turn it into musical notes!
  • Create any tone at a frequency of 261.63 Hz and use it instantly.
Included Samples
  • 6 synth samples included: Organ, Sawtooth, Screamer, Sine, Square and Triangle.
  • 4 vocal synth samples included:
  • 3 drum tracks with loop mode enabled: Beats, Rocker and Samba.
  • 3 examples included in the multitrack: Ode to Joy, Extra Life and Sung Jingle.

Who is Mike Russell?

Mike has been producing audio since 1990s, his career started in radio in the UK. He has also been an on-air presenter but soon discovered that audio production was where his heart was. He is the founder of Music Radio Creative – an international audio production company. He is now primarily teaching audio production. Mike is an Adobe recognised expert and often speaks on Adobe stages around the world.

“Mike is the most prolific instructor online, showing you how to do not just basics but fun, technical stuff in Adobe Audition. You couldn’t have a better teacher and a better trainer.” 

Durin Gleaves – Product Manager – Adobe Systems

“We use Mike’s videos to teach people in the team on how to use Adobe Audition. They are that good!”

Charles Van Winkle

Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems

“Mike’s audio coaching is fantastic and has really helped me to sound my best.”

Shane Whaley

Host, Spybrary Podcast

“Your coaching was the kind of thing I would never be able to do on my own (even if I’d seen a tutorial) but you were able to do in seconds.”

Neil Anderson

Senior Instructor and Technical Consultant, iTLS

What Is Included?


After purchase you will receive a zip file with .sesx file to open inside Adobe Audition together with a simple READ ME file explaining how to access tutorials. Those presets also include a small selection of samples and tones.

Detailed Video Tutorials

Set of 12 detailed video tutorials explaining all effects and tracks in the presets. This will help you to fully understand how the presets work.

Post Purchase Support

We offer 30 day post purchase set up help. If you struggle with getting presets to work – let us know – we will be more than happy to guide you through it.

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Terms and Conditions

This product will be available to you as a download zip file immediately after purchase. By purchasing you acknowledge that support is provided for the latest Adobe Audition CC users (2019 and up). You also understand that the purchase includes .sesx file only together with the supporting video tutorials and files mentioned above. No further elements are included. As the product is available to you immediately after purchase we do not accept returns. Price does not include VAT which will be added to you at the checkout if applicable at the rate applicable to your country of residence. (VAT applies to purchases made within EU).

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