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I am a professional speaker & content creator. Are you looking for a high quality product review? White label training videos, sponsored video on my channel? Well rated talk at your event? Let’s discuss further together.

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I provide one on one coaching as well as group training, online and in person.
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
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I have been producing audio since the early 1990s. Today I coach people on how to sound great, provide high quality product reviews and white label training videos. I coach individuals and groups. Topics I often cover include podcasting, audio equipment, audio for video and audio production in general.

I collaborate with brands and make their product visible to the masses. In easy to understand, informative way I explain product features, use cases. My aim is to help people sound great – if you have a product that does that – let’s talk! 

One to one coaching for individuals

Training events

Corporate group training

Online courses

Professional Product Reviews

2021-22 Event Appearances

I speak at stages around the world – both in person and online (depending on the travel restrictions). I have high a quality state of art studio with top audio and video equipment that allows me to conduct online training to the highest standard. I am an Adobe Certified Expert and provide customised training for small and large groups. I often train on topics related to audio and video editing for Universities, public organisations and corporates.


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About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell
About Mike Russell

Most Requested Talks

I am often asked to cover these topics in my online and in person appearances.

How to Sound Great Using Compression, EQ, Expanders and Gates

Learn how to sound great with all the right equipment for voiceover. You’ll understand what compression, EQ, expanders and gates do along with optimum settings to improve your sound.

  • You’ll know the best equipment for your voiceover studio.
  • An understanding of technical settings for compression, EQ, expanders and gates.
  • How to connect everything together for optimum sound and performance.
Audio Essentials: Things You Need to Know to Edit Audio Like a Pro

Adobe Creative Cloud has the tools you need to make your project sound its very best, whether you’re editing audio in Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, or Audition. Join Mike Russell, creative director at Music Radio Creative, as he shows how to use these tools to improve audio loudness, remove noise, and much more in this beginner audio editing session. You’ll learn:

  • How to use the Essential Sound panel in Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, and Audition
  • How to balance audio, reduce background noise and echo, and mix dialogue with music in Premiere Rush
  • How to fix and identify potential problems with audio files before you begin mixing (noise, pops, plosives, and so on)
  • What it takes to deliver audio in multiple formats and how to choose the right one for the right destination
Podcasting 101: Elevating Your Brand with On-Demand Audio

If you’re looking to elevate your brand beyond traditional social media, it’s time to start your podcast! Find out how you can share your message with new audiences in just a few simple steps. In this session, you’ll learn how to record your first episode, upload it, and share it online. You will learn:

  • The reasons why podcasting may be your biggest marketing tool yet
  • What you need to know to upload and distribute your podcast online
  • How to record, edit, and post-process your audio files with Adobe Audition
  • Equipment tips — from microphones to audio processors — so you sound your best
Audio Masterclass: Better Sound for Your Videos

Everyone strives to maximize their video quality, but having a great sound is important if you want to be noticed online. This masterclass will cover how to capture the best audio for your videos, post process it in software like Adobe Premiere Pro, and remove any noise or make super fine edits to your audio in Adobe Audition. Mike Russell, Creative Director from Music Radio Creative, will show you practical steps that will apply no matter what software you’re using.

Adobe Audition Editing Tips and Tricks for Voiceover

Join Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative in this practical Adobe Audition workshop. Watch how the effects work and see the best settings to improve and edit the sound of your voiceovers. Mike will cover all of the basic effects along with some more advanced processes and plugins that can be used to get your voiceover sessions sounding great! You will learn:

  • An understanding of how to edit in Adobe Audition.
  • The best values for effects along with details on how to save them as presets and favorites.
  • Advanced editing knowledge and an insight into audio plugins that are perfect for voiceover.

Let's Work Together

I am excited to hear from you and fingers crossed enhance your world with a great sounding audio or content about your product. Contact my team and let’s discuss ways in which we can make this world a far better sounding place!


Other Topics Include

  • Audio Production For Beginners
  • Podcasting Equipment Explained
  • Best Recording Equipment for a Podcast
  • Radio Imaging 101
  • Audio Production Hacks For Voice Overs
  • Best Recording Practices
  • Podcasting 101 Workshop

I always customise my talks to suit your audience. This isn’t an exhaustive list – if you think I could be a good fit for your event – let’s discuss further!

Speaking Engagements

I speak a limited number of live events each year so it is a good idea to book in advance.


Previous Engagements

  • VidCon – 2018 Amsterdam, 2019 London, 2020 London
  • Adobe Max – 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Adobe Video World – 2020
  • VidSummit 2019
  • JBL Fest 2019
  • Podcast Movement – 2018, 2019
  • One Voice, London- 2019
  • infoShare, Gdańsk – 2018, 2019, 2021
  • IBC, Amsterdam – 2016, 2018
  • TNW, Amsterdam – 2018
  • Social Media Marketing World, San Diego – 2018
“We use Mike’s videos to teach people in the team on how to use Adobe Audition. They are that good!”
Charles Van Winkle

Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems

“Mike’s audio coaching is fantastic and has really helped me to sound my best.”
Shane Whaley

Host, Spybrary Podcast

“Your coaching was the kind of thing I would never be able to do on my own (even if I’d seen a tutorial) but you were able to do in seconds.”
Neil Anderson

Senior Instructor and Technical Consultant, iTLS

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