Stitcher Reviews

Stitcher Reviews

Stitcher reviews of your podcast now count for something if you’re looking to raise the visibility of your podcast on a growing platform for podcasters.

How Do Stitcher Reviews Work?

You can visit a show page and see number of stars (out of 5) that each podcast has accumulated from various different reviewers. Any listener can leave a review by scrolling to the bottom of the show page and clicking the review this show text. The review process works much the same as reviews for podcasts on iTunes works. Select a number of stars, give your review a title, write a brief note about the show then add your nickname and email address and click ‘post review’. Your show review may be held in moderation for a short time before appearing live on the show page.

What Do Stitcher Reviews Mean?

Stitcher reviews now mean a whole lot more for the discoverability of your show. This is the largest podcast listening platform on Android devices and now second only to iTunes on Apple iOS devices. Millions are already using Stitcher to consume speech content and the higher you rank the more potential listeners will get to hear your show.

In the words of the fantastic folk at Stitcher:

These reviews will affect your Stitcher List Rank. The more reviews you have and they better they are, the higher your Stitcher ranking will be. So start telling your listeners to leave their glowing praise on Stitcher!

How Can You Review A Podcast On Stitcher?

It’s easy, you can just look up a show page a find the reviews section. If you’re a podcaster that wants to encourage listeners to review your own show there is a direct link you can use to sent the visitor right to a review pop-up box. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find your Stitcher show page URL. e.g.
  2. Add this text on to the end of that URL: #bvdata/action=rr_submit_review
  3. That’s it, share the link and send visitors direct to the My Review box!

If you want to try Stitcher reviews out I’d appreciate you leaving a review on the Music Radio Creative show page. Thank you!