Here’s three quick and easy tips that show you how to warm up for voice acting. You can do them all in a few minutes and they help your voice sound good!

1. Drink & Gargle Water

It goes without saying, especially if you’re about to do a long voice over session, that your throat should be well lubricated. This means drinking plenty of water before you start recording and even if you’re not voicing you should always aim to get in around 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Eat Green Apples

Green apples are a life saver when it comes to preventing those clicks and pops our moths can make when they’re dry or when we’re nervous. The green apple has mysterious properties that almost open up our vocal chords to be the best they can be. They are good for our vocal chords unlike chocolate or milk which have the opposite effect.

3. Sing The Vowels

Even if you can’t sing you’ll find that singing the vowels of the alphabet out as loud as you can gets your whole body ready to use the voice to its best extent. Sing out loud and proud and don’t be afraid to do this exercise multiple times.

Bonus Tip: Stand Up

Standing up opens your whole body and diaphragm. You’ll find you sound completely different with more energy, attitude and power to your voice. Simply by standing up!

Try it some time, create an environment where you have to stand, especially if you work at a desk or inside a booth all day. Standing and even exercising regularly will keep your voice in tip top shape for any voiceover recording session.

Watch this video in which I give my voice over warm up tips:

Have you got a warm up tip for voice actors? How do you look after and protect your voice? Let me know in the comments.