If you’re looking for a UK podcasters community you may have found tumbleweed online – until now. There are plenty of communities in the United States – both online and offline – PodCamps, podcasting meetups, conventions that target podcasters and high quality podcasts for podcasters.

New Media Expo Crowd

We just returned from New Media Expo in Las Vegas and were so inspired by the people we met out there. It’s been amazing to be amongst people who are so incredibly passionate about their cause – from lawyers to nurses and firemen to athletes – one thing that unites all of them is the dream to build their own online presence and business from home using social media, blogging, web TV and (of course) podcasting! Izabela and I got to thinking. Why can’t we exchange ideas and meet with a set of like minded people when we’re at home in the UK and not just wait once a year to go to the mega conference that is NMX?

Why Do We Keep Talking About Podcasting?

If you’re working in radio right now and listening to our podcast you may ask what is all this chat about podcasting? The reason we keep repeating our message is because we are so passionate about it and podcasting is growing at a crazy rate.

UK Podcasts

Around 90% of the podcasts I listen to originate from the US yet I’m sure there must be some very decent podcasts produced by passionate people on this side of the pond. We had the opportunity to meet some UK based podcasters in Las Vegas at NMX including Peter Billingham, Mark Johnson, Rob Mobberley and Ben Adam-Smith. One of the best UK podcasts I listen to is the Brighton based Internet Marketing podcast with Kelvin Newman and Andy White.

There is no single place in the United Kingdom where UK based podcasters can gather together to share ideas, help each other and even meet up in person.

We know that UK podcasters are out there but we don’t know exactly where.

Here’s a message I received on Twitter this week:

Are You A UK Based Podcaster?

Izabela and I want to create a community with the goal that we can meet in real life and talk about podcasting, social media, online business and more. If you’re up for this idea then enter your name and email at our new website:

UK Podcasters

The first thing we’ll look to do is organise a real life meetup for UK podcasters. This is for you if you’re currently podcasting or thinking of starting a podcast and based in the UK. Are you in?

Go To… UK Podcasters

Finally, if you do one, feel free to share your UK podcast in the comments below.