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with Mike Russell
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Professional Podcast Production Masterclass

Deliver episodes to the highest industry standard with easy to follow tactics. Learn how to fix bad audio, implement talk over music and master your episode

6 March 2019

Audio Production Masterclass

In this class you will learn my top hacks on how to make audio sound better. I will touch on voice processing, working with music and sound effects, loudness and final mastering.


One to One Coaching

Would you like me to teach you specific aspects of audio production? Create a preset just for you? I can tailor the session 100% to your needs. Each month I release a limited number of available slots to book in.

Corporate Training

I provide structured training for groups and corporations in their own office and setting. Radio stations, TV stations, corporates, agencies and everyone who needs to know how to produce audio inside Adobe Audition.

Who is Mike Russell?

Mike has been producing audio since 1990s, his career started in radio in the UK. He has also been an on-air presenter but soon discovered that audio production was where his heart was. He is the founder of Music Radio Creative – an international audio production company. He is now primarily teaching audio production. Mike is an Adobe recognised expert and often speaks on Adobe stages around the world.

“Mike is the most prolific instructor online, showing you how to do not just basics but fun, technical stuff in Adobe Audition. You couldn’t have a better teacher and a better trainer.” 

Durin Gleaves – Product Manager – Adobe Systems

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