2011 has been a big year for audio production with a sound effect app making it on to TV show The Apprentice UK, a brand new social network popping up allowing us to extend our circles and some top summer hits.

Here are the best blog posts of 2011 from the Music Radio Creative Jingles Blog:

1. Radio Show Names

If you’re just starting your own radio show or you’re trying to think of a cool new name this is the resource for you. Share some of your own ideas in the comments section and, as 2012 approaches, we’ll announce a new resource to help you even further with radio show name ideas.

2. Sound Effect App

The Apprentice UK this year featured a team who thought it would be a great idea to create a sound effect app. After the show was broadcast the demand was fulfilled as people headed online in their droves to search for Ampi Apps.

3. What is Radio Production?

Finally, a chance to reveal the mystery of what radio producers actually do. It’s not all about making cups of tea, chatting to marketing companies on the phone and playing bits of radio imaging at obscenely loud volumes!