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DJs love sound effects! Why? They help you transition from one song to another, they can add a new dimension to your mix or podcast.

That’s why sound effects are extremely useful in numerous different situations. You’ll no doubt have noticed them yourself in countless radio jingles and the like. Indeed, once you start to think about it, audio effects are everywhere, from public address announcements to TV shows and adverts. And if you’re producing computer games, for example, they’re vital. 

They’re also seriously helpful when it comes to breaking up a radio show or podcast. For instance, you can use them to split up some sections of a broadcast, or sound effects can help you to segue from a monologue to an interview or bring in a new track to your DJ mix. So they act as the ideal dividers between the various parts of your audio content. 

The good news is that, whatever you need, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find it online, however seemingly obscure or specialized the sound effects you may be after. What’s more, there are many places with free sound effects – without skimping on quality. We’ve previously listed some potential sources of audio effects

Based on our own experience, over a decade of orders for thousands of DJs we have come up with a list of the most requested sound effects by DJs, radio presenters and podcasters.

  • Crowd noises – especially cheers, clapping, booing
  • War related audio effects and explosions
  • Firework sound effects
  • Trains and cars – sound of a breaking car is very popular!
  • Horror sound effects such as wind, creaking floorboards or rattling doorknobs – those are gaining popularity during October in the run up to Halloween.
  • Sci-fi sounds effects (think spaceships, aliens, robots and the like).
  • Movie trailer-style sounds; a range of high-energy impacts, whooshes, rumbles and transitions.
  • Finally, if you’re after something funny and light-hearted which everyone will be able to relate to, consider some cartoon-style audio effects. Here producers often use movie clips – do ensure you hold relevant license to use those in your projects!

How To Make Your Own Sound Effects

Yes, it’s possible to make your own sound effects – and it’s not that hard to do it. There are sound effect generation tools in Adobe Audition, for example, to generate beeps, pips and more.

It’s also surprisingly straightforward to incorporate something a little more homemade, using everyday objects you’re likely to have to hand at home. Find out how you can recreate everything from slimy, squelchy sounds to ticking bombs, horses’ hooves, rain, a crackling fire, punches with our previous blog post on Sound Effect Hacks

Over To You

If you are looking to get started and lack inspiration, we offer a wide range of sound effects at Music Radio Creative, as well as custom voiceovers, jingles and royalty free music. If you are looking for something specific to your DJ set, radio station or brand – let us help you. Get in touch today for a tailored quote for your particular audio requirements. 


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