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The best Adobe Audition effects are often those that you create yourself using your ears. I reveal my best presets, vocal settings and give them away free!

I talk about the best Adobe Audition presets to use on radio sweepers, DJ drops and for podcast intros. Adobe Audition CC has been announced and will be available to download from 17th June 2013 onwards. The Adobe Creative Cloud announcement has been met with some controversy but I’m fully embracing the fact that my creativity is in the cloud and that I can start learning other Adobe software as part of my membership.

My Best Adobe Audition Effects

5. Mike Big and Wide

This is a great vocal effect for any voice that you’d like to stand out and sound stereo. The effect (or similar) has been used on many a radio ID not least because it sounds great on car stereo systems and helps to highlight a message. It’s a simple chorus effect with some of my own tweaks, compression and a little studio reverb for sparkle.

4. Mike EQ

Adobe Audition EQ
Adobe Audition EQ

I add some of my own custom EQ to voice overs, like my own, and other voice over artists that perform work for Music Radio Creative. I push up the high range frequencies to give a little sparkle to the voice. Some voice artists don’t need this process but in many cases sessions come in dry and need a little brightening up.

3. Mike Processing

This is not something I would apply in the waveform view of Adobe Audition rather the multitrack as it involves a number of different effects (including Dynamics Processing, Graphic Equalizer and Studio Reverb). A little wetness on the reverb adds a great sound to audio production although other radio imaging producers may argue that reverb is old fashioned and that you should knock out low and high frequencies on a voice over so that it cuts through anything – just like those fancy men’s razors you see advertised on TV!

2. Mike Echo

There are many echo presets in Adobe Audition some of which are really decent and others are not designed to be used on vocals. I have created my own custom echo that works great when you mix vocals with music and imaging sfx. Echo is great for when you end a radio jingle or DJ drop so that the radio station name or host name echoes away into a music track. Listen to some examples in the podcast audio.

1. Mike Compressor

There is a really cool multiband compressor integrated from iZotope into Adobe Audition CC but I find the native Audition ‘Dynamics Processing’ perfectly fine for compressing voice over sessions. It’s not too heavy and this is important especially if you’re going to compress the voice again when you drop it into the multitrack. The compression is simply a light 2:1 setting above -20dB but it makes a difference to raw voice sessions.

Free Adobe Audition Presets

I promised you an easy way to download all of the presets I’ve spoken about in the podcast and here it is! Get your free Adobe Audition presets.


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  1. I’m really interested to see what all Audition CC has to offer…if Adobe keeps it up, pretty soon the software will anticipate your next move….you’ll never have to touch a key…

    1. Thanks Tim. I’m really excited and, personally, I’d like to see a future version of Audition on a tablet (such as iPad). I’m sure it will be possible!

  2. Wow thank you Mike and as always a superb podcast……. And a pleasure in sharing it in social networks 🙂

    1. Thanks Rob. I always appreciate you listening and sharing the podcast. It really helps to spread the word about what we’re doing with audio 😉

  3. Hi Mike! Great one, I really like this and all the podcasts you made about AA 🙂 Great job on those with lots of inspirations, cheers!

  4. Hello Mike Gerald from Uganda East Africa, i like your work & i use your ideas in producing jingles & sweepers @ Kingdom Fm 93.0, am pretty sure the Adobe CC presets its gonna be awesome i can’t wait

  5. Mike, I loved this episode. Classic !

    I think the bit I missed really was if you use the presets that you’re giving away do you have to save them in Adobe ? Or open them each time you want to use them. For example, if I want to use the condensor present, I drop the track onto the preset and edit. Do I have to load up this preset again next time from the file you shared ?

    1. Thanks Jon!

      Would you believe I created a couple of videos that may help. There’s one on backing up prestes and another covers saving presets. I’d save them all into your own presets then you won’t need to open the sesx file each time you want to use one.

  6. As always, very practical and easy to follow your examples, Mike. Thanks for continuing to ‘open up the world of Adobe Audition’ and igniting my passion!

    1. Awesome and encouraging feedback. Thanks Arthur and you can be sure I’ll be podcasting more about Adobe Audition in the future. Thanks!

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