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How to Start a Radio Station

Advancements in technology mean that anyone can now set up their own internet radio station. Far from being a drain on your time, resources and forward-thinking, it’s super easy to get your idea to broadcast. Digital radio is a...

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Are Sung Jingles Cheesy?

Well, there were certainly some delightfully cheesy jingles on the sixties pirate radio stations and right up to the eighties when local commercial radio was born.

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Radio Show Host Survival Guide

Have you lost your on air radio presenting job due to cost cuts? Have you been laid off for now because there are simply not enough funds at the radio station? As professional radio presenting jobs become fewer by the day now is...

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Radio Station Slogans

Radio station taglines, radio station straplines or radio station positioning statements. Whatever you decide to call it this is the one radio liner that you’ll hear over and over again on a radio station and it’s...

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What is Radio Production?

Radio Producers Radio producers are the people who, in the majority of cases, work ‘behind the scenes’ and are not known to the audience of a radio station. In this article I hope to sum up what radio producers do...

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Summer Radio Hits 2011

Summer Time Summer 2011 is on the way and now is the best time to get in ahead of the trend. You can get hot summer jingles for your radio station, summer DJ drops for your sets and summer music mixes from Music Radio...

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Radio Player UK

The UK Radio Player is here and gives you access to BBC radio stations along with hundreds of commercial radio stations at the click of a button. The Radioplayer is a product of cooperation between UK radio groups like the BBC,...

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