Podcast jingles can help to brand yourself as a professional podcaster. Why and how should you use music jingles? Find out in this episode.

Sung Jingles are here from Music Radio Creative!

I start the podcast this week with my own podcast jingle (which I previewed in episode 6 of the podcast). Then after my podcast intro I play an example of a custom acapella – musical jingles without the instrumental backing – you can get your own acapella from Music Radio Creative. It’s a great ego boost for a radio presenter, DJ or podcast creator to hear their name or brand sung by jingle singers. I guess it’s like an actor or actress having a dream of seeing their name in lights? I’ve worked with radio presenters in the past who dream of having their very own sung jingle.

Are Sung Jingles Dead? The Debate…

BBC Radio 1 are about to start a new breakfast show. Chris Moyles will depart and take all his sung jingles with him. His show revolved around different music jingles from his brand new cheesy sung that would wake up the UK to other jingles, drop ins and acapellas – the latter of which he used very well during his UEFA Euro 2012 alternative football commentary on the BBC.

The new breakfast show on Radio 1 will be different, the production will be outsources to an independent production company. Here’s the production brief which specifically states “steer clear of sung jingles”. BBC Radio 2, the UK’s most popular radio station, are still championing great sung radio jingles however. What are your thoughts on the lack of sung jingles on the future Radio 1 breakfast show? Have your say on the Music Radio Creative blog here.

Podcast Jingles

Click here to check out our new sung jingles, listen to them and order yours online instantly.

Why should podcasters use jingles?

Well first and foremost you are branding your podcast in the mind of your listener. You may already have great content and built up a community but you need an extra edge to stand out from the crowd.

Get music jingles and music beds to talk over and always check that any audio you purchase from a production company is safe to play on your podcast or internet radio station. You are liable to check these details and make sure there are no issues with any performing rights society in your country even if your podcast or web broadcast is completely free. I believe all audio production companies should be transparent on this issue. Music Radio Creative takes care of licensing so that when you purchase produced audio you can rest assured that you are completely covered to broadcast it without any further fees or licenses required.

Podcast Promotion Tips

My background in commercial radio has left a tip fresh in my mind that can also apply to podcasting – tease, tease, tease!

Just because someone has subscribed to your podcast doesn’t mean the work is done. People live busy lives and it is your responsibility as a podcaster to ensure listeners make the time to come back and listen to your next podcast. This is essential as, in iTunes, if a listener doesn’t listen to your podcast for 5 episodes iTunes will stop automatically downloading new episodes to their device. Tease what’s coming up at the start of your podcast and then at the end make sure to trail what’s coming up next week – make it exciting and enticing – to ensure your listener comes back!

Podcasters Competing with Radio Stations

There is no doubt in my mind that podcasting is on the edge of critical mass. Give it 1-3 years and podcasts will be everywhere. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

  • Apple’s Podcasts App – This will hopefully become a permanent fixture in iOS 6 (preferably on the front page without the ability to delete the app would be cool)!
  • Stitcher Smart Radio – They are working to get podcasts into cars. Most people listen to FM radio in the car but when podcasts are easier to access in the ‘university on wheels’ your show will be in the hands of many more potential listeners.

We’re up against the big boys as podcasters and that is why you must make sure you sound your best.

Processing Podcast Audio

It’s no secret… I process my podcast audio. There are many popular podcasters that do not add any processing to their audio. The decision is yours to make but this interesting debate on the Podcasters’ Roundtable may help you to make up your mind. I believe if you have bad audio quality listeners will not stick around long. Thanks to Ray  Ortega – The Podcast Helper – for having me on.

Feedback and Reviews

A voice message on the sow from Ghana this week and feedback from Canada. Thanks Kyran for your review in the Canadian iTunes store – I really do appreciate it – Kyran is an audio producer himself and if you’re a World of Warcraft fan.

Sung Jingle Videos

Sung jingles are not just for radio stations but DJs as acapellas too.

This video gives you a sneak peak into how a sung jingle is made up.

Next Week on the Podcast

Ben Adam-Smith joins me on the podcast. A great way to create plenty of podcast content is to interview people. Ben is a master on the subject of interview technique and I’ll be chatting to him to find out more.

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