Shout jingles have been very popular in the radio industry ever since the 60s and 70s. It’s when one of the most respected production houses (PAM Jingles/Jam Jingles) has introduced them to the radio market. Since that time they have been used all around the world in radio stations and by radio presenters both on air and online. Till today they are very praised possession by radio presenters who are looking to make their branding distinct and memorable.

What Are Shout Jingles?

Shout jingles are short acapellas “shouted” by a group of 2 or 3 singers together. The effect is rather incredible combination of harmonies that leave a very recognizable mark on the branding of your station.

Shout Jingle Example

Shouts From Music Radio Creative

We are incredibly pleased to say that shout jingles are now part of permanent repertoire of our services. We include 2 of our singers as a standard (singers have to be able to meet physically together for a recording session so there is no choice of singers as such – we simply select those available to record together). Shouts can be purchased as individual acapellas or a package of them (ask for a bulk purchase discount – we have those available when ordering 5 or more).

Shout Jingles

Shout Jingle Example

Shout Jingle DJ Name Example