A great DJ Drop can make your trance DJ mix sound out of this world. The key is to put the right kind of DJ drop that will match your DJ mix. We have been creating all kinds of custom audio for DJs for many years now and we can handle any kind of DJ jingles.

10 Great Scripts For DJs Playing Trance Music

The first step in creating a great DJ drop is a well-written script. We’ve compiled some scripts that will be great for trance DJ drops. Simply replace the words DJ MRC with your own DJ name:

  • The best in trance, dance, and house music from the UK. DJ MRC in the mix.
  • And now, live from London, you’re in the mix with your trance master… DJ MRC.
  • Get ready for a musical journey to the best of trance music… with… DJ MRC.
  • The time has come, the wait is over! You are about to enter a true trance state of mind with DJ MRC.
  • DJ MRC… playing the very best in upfront trance.
  • Trance music at its best… with DJ MRC.
  • Euphoria, sorrow, joy, calmness, energy. It is trance… with DJ MRC.
  • Stand by for the best trance and tech trance from all around the globe… this is DJ MRC.
  • Get ready for the next 60 minutes. Your senses will be flying… This is the best selection of trance… This is DJ MRC.
  • Bringing you the purest trance… you’re tuned in to DJ MRC.

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