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Summer is always a well-loved season for a lot of people. It is a season that’s often associated with light, bright, and happy tunes. Playing summery hits for your radio listeners is a must and having summer radio jingles can help you make your show or broadcast sound great. We have unparalleled experience for creating jingles for any kind of season and summer radio jingles are among our favourites.

10 Scripts for Fun Summer Radio Jingles

Want to make summer even better and hotter for your listeners? Make sure you have the right kind of jingles to enhance your summer broadcast! Do you have scripts ready for creating your jingles? We’ve gathered a few sample scripts to help you get started! Remember to replace the italised words with your own radio show or station name.

  • You’re listening to the summer mix with Radio MRC.
  • Welcome to your summer! Cool off here at Radio MRC.
  • Summery, uplifting, feel good music from artists around the world… here on MRC Radio.
  • Summer hits everyday, everywhere. The hottest tunes on MRC Radio.
  • Enjoy summertime with us here on… MRC Radio.
  • Here’s your soundtrack to summer… this is MRC Radio.
  • Playing the best feel good music, all summer long… here on MRC Radio.
  • MRC Radio… playing great sunshine music this summer.
  • Let’s kick off the summer with the hottest music… this is MRC Radio.
  • You are locked into the hottest station in creation. Your official soundtrack of summer… MRC Radio.

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