Who doesn’t love listening to old hits from many years ago? A DJ’s job is to give his listeners a good time and sometimes that means being a retro DJ by playing the music from various decades. Although playing the popular classic hits is enough to give your listeners that vintage feel of their youth, mixing them up with some well-made DJ drops is sure to make your DJ mix sound even better. We’ve created retro DJ drops and jingles and they sure add to the classic feel of any mix.

10 Jingle Scripts for Retro DJs

Do you want to make your retro DJ mix sound better? Make sure you have awesome DJ drops and jingles! The first thing you’ll need to do is to come up with a few scripts for your jingles. To help out, we’ve compiled some generic scripts that you can use. Don’t forget to replace the italised words with your own DJ name!

  • Decades of music right here… DJ MRC… in the mix!
  • The 60s… 70s… 80s… 90s… and today… Playing it all!!! DJ MRC… in the mix!
  • You’re listening… to the best of the 80s… DJ MRC in the mix!
  • 80s and 90s… the retro years… with DJ MRC!
  • Music from almost 5 decades… the biggest hits… DJ MRC in the mix!
  • Retro to electro and everything in between. You’re listening to DJ MRC.
  • DJ MRC… blasting the retro so you can dance the night away!
  • You’re listening to DJ MRC playing you a wide variety of music throughout the decades.
  • All your favourite tracks from the last five decades… with DJ MRC in the mix!
  • Covering every decade… DJ MRC in the mix!

Interested In More Script Ideas For Your DJ Jingles?

Ready to create your own retro DJ drops and jingles? Let’s start production! Choose a voice from our team of amazing talents and our audio producers will get right to it. Learn more about how we can help you here – www.musicradiocreative.com/DJ.