The goal of every DJ is to give their listeners a great time. Although listening to recorded DJ mixes can be energising and fun, there is nothing quite like going to a live DJ show! As a DJ you should make sure you have a good selection of tracks ready and enough DJ drops and jingles to get you through the night.

10 Scripts You Can Use In Live DJ Shows

Do you have live DJ show coming up? Make some DJ drops and jingles to carry you through the night! Here are some scripts you can use – simply replace the words DJ MRC with your own DJ name:

  • You’re listening to DJ MRC. Live… without limits!
  • You’re live with DJ MRC at the biggest dance festival in Europe/Asia/World.
  • Get ready for DJ MRC... live in the mix!
  • Sexy sounds and deep beasts… this is DJ MRC live in the mix.
  • Live from London’s best club… DJ MRC!
  • You’re live in the mix with DJ MRC… bringing you the best in house and EDM. Let’s get this party started!
  • This evening, experience the best DJ this side of the world… DJ MRC. Let the party begin!
  • Welcome to your Friday night dance party… with DJ MRC live in the mix.
  • Coming live from the MRC house… DJ MRC.
  • Now, live on the set… the hottest DJ around… DJ MRC!

Interested In More Script Ideas?

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