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Scary Voice Sound Effects Sounds for Halloween

If you need some scary sound effects to try in Adobe Audition you should try reverb and the pitch shifter in Adobe Audition. There are plenty of amazing preset effects you can apply right out the box with this software. Watch this Adobe Audition tutorial video to learn more.

The reverb effect can help give you a ghostly voice and the pitch shifter will make you sound like a demon. Perfect for this Halloween! Comment if you’ve found any spooky effects of your own. It’d be good to hear your audio production plans for Halloween.

Scary Voices For Theme Park

One of our clients – Thorpe Park needed super scary voice for one of their rides. Here is the result (hold on tight for this one!).

If you are looking for a dose of “scary” in your life right now – we can help! Horror Sound Effects and Music is our best selling package of royalty free sound effects and music beds.

You can also get Free Halloween Sound Effects and Voices pack in our store!


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