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Sample Radio Ads

I often get asked the question can you provide an example of a radio spot. Here are some sample radio spots for some of our clients here at Music Radio Creative. Radio Ads come in all shapes and sizes. From corporate to more upbeat and radio promo likes.

Radio Spot Length

In most of the cases we produce 15, 30 and 60 sec radio spots. Some countries also operate on 10, 20 and 45 seconds so if in doubt do check with the station you are looking to advertise on. By miles most popular is a 30 sec ad. In a 30 second radio spot you have plenty of time to get your message across. This is the standard length for most spots on the radio. In this script we’ll mix music, give the location, what’s happening, when and a contact at the end.

Production Options For a Sample Radio Ad

Music: A relevant music track is essential! This is what gives the spot the feeling and emotion. Sad, happy, urgent, dreamy, relaxed, stressed – think what feeling you would like to leave the listener with and you have the answer on what music track to choose for production. If you get that part wrong you can effectively ruin the advertising campaign and have much less of a positive impact on a campaign success.

Voice Over: Male or female? Young or mature? Best to think of your target audience and try to make it appealing for them. Advertising to a young crowd? Get a young voice over. If your message needs authority usually mature male can be the best choice.

Examples of Radio Spots

Here you will find examples of the work we have produced for our clients. Variety of voices, styles, production themes.

Oman Air

The Boat Inn Pub

Body Power

TSC Al Khould Centre



The Sanctuary Centre

Masslow Events

The Captain’s Club – UAE

Pappa John Pizza

10 Second Sample Radio Spot

A 10 second radio spot has little time to fit in too many details and can work perfectly as a teaser or to compliment a full 30 second radio spot. It’s always good to fit in a contact, if possible, such as a web address or phone number.

Looking for memorable ad for your business? Contact our team now and see how we can help with audio for your business.


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