Spacial Audio, the creators of popular internet radio automation software, have announced a brand new cloud internet radio broadcasting solution.

SAM VIBE may well spike the creation of internet radio stations as would be broadcasters choose to hop on board a completely cloud based method of broadcasting to a potential audience of millions on the internet. If you wanted to start your own internet radio station in the past you’ll have needed technical knowledge, a room to setup your broadcasting equipment and an always on internet connection and computer to stream your audio.

SAM Broadcaster and SAM DJ are well known for their easy to use layout and now Spacial have taken their idea the cloud.

Start an Internet Radio Station in 11 Minutes

SAM VIBE review

SAM VIBE review

I decided to give SAM VIBE a go for myself and see how easy it would be to get an internet radio stream online.┬áIt was only 11 minutes later that my first ‘radio jingle’ was playing to the world!

First, I went to the Spacial website and clicked the ‘free trial’ option and entered some basic details.

Second, I downloaded the software (PC only… I hope they’ll work out a solution for Mac) and ended up running it on VM Ware Fusion for my Mac.

Third, I clicked ‘import files’ and added our Christmas radio jingles demo, hit ‘add to queue’ and selected ‘on air status’ to ON. Boom! Music Radio Creative has an internet radio station.

I liked…

SAM VIBE media typeThe ease of sign up, installation and the software.

The tagging options for each file were very extensive and even allowed for ‘mood’ and ‘genre’ of music track and you could categorise your media type as music, sound effect, jingle, promo, station ID, news, commercial or interview so plenty of variety for all your radio station imaging.

The generous amount of storage (even with free you get half a GB of space).

I didn’t like…

SAM VIBE playerIt’s PC only and I have a Mac. As a cloud based internet radio station solution I was surprised that you can’t just login and control it from your web browser.

The flash player (looks very like Windows Media Player) and I couldn’t find an option to add the name of my radio stream so the pop out player reads ‘On air – SAM05AAC036’ when I’d prefer ‘On air – Music Radio Creative’


I’m sure updates are in the pipeline and this is just the start of great things to come from Spacial.