Remi Lavictoire is a veteran of the radio world, working on air in multiple formats, including Adult Contemporary, Album-oriented rock and New Country. Remi left the radio industry when the widespread adoption of voice tracking and automation started.  He stayed involved in voice work, doing commercials, PSAs, and podcast intros/extros.

In 2013, Remi started The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast with co-hosts Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon.  Now, with over 100 episodes in, he is planning to launch more podcasts in the sci-fi realm under the newly created Sci-Fi Podcast Network.

Top Quotes From Remi Lavictoire:

  • “I was waiting for podcasting before I knew I was waiting for podcasting.”
  • “If I was going to do a podcast, it had to be something that I really loved and I knew I could do for a while.”
  • “I wanted to be able to talk about science fiction, but do it in a way that’s intelligent and fun and gives a chance for people to learn a little bit more about movies that they might not already know.”
  • “That first shift turned into regular overnight shifts.”
  • “The neat thing about working overnights in radio is that the CRTC has no regulations.”
  • “I want to work with wave because it’s better quality.”
  • “Coming from a radio background, audio quality is really important.”
  • “Mono signal for podcasting is still the best way to go.”
  • “The biggest thing that I focus on… I’m really keen about levels and making sure that all of our co-hosts are running at the same levels.”
  • “Nothing turns off a listener faster than bad levels.”
  • “What I love about Auphonic is that it goes through, takes my entire show as a wave, and it does all the normalization, all the leveling… it does some compression, cleans up some of the noise in the background if it finds it, and then it automatically posts it to my LibSyn as a 96k MP3.”
  • “Everybody’s got their preference… and I think that when you find something that works, you use it.”
  • “Find the content that you love… make sure that you’re podcasting about the stuff that you’re passionate about.”
  • “Start learning from the people who really know the industry… Cliff Ravenscraft, Daniel J. Lewis, Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson… because they’re going to point you in the right direction.”
  • “Look for people that you can learn from. Reach out to other communities, reach out to other podcasters, share your content and don’t think of other podcasters—who are doing the same thing as you—don’t think of them as competition; think of them as allies.”
  • “I think there’s enough listeners and enough content to go around and I think the best way is to share it.”

Tools & Resources:

  • Google Drive
  • Adobe Audition
  • Auphonic
  • 12-channel Behringer mixer
  • ATR2100

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