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This the second part of our interview with Chelsea Bates (in studio). We chat about her struggles along the way; what she’s learned and enjoyed; and how to recognize and grab opportunities! If you haven’t heard Part 1 yet, please check it out here.

Top Quotes from Chelsea Bates:

  • “The biggest thing for me was to be hired by MRC.” [Her biggest success story]
  • “As a voice-over talent… you want to have recurring clients… you want to have clients that you don’t have to always audition for.”
  • “Do your best, let it go, and just hope something comes back to you.” [About sending demos]
  • “I started to get smart about what I auditioned for, so I wouldn’t just audition for anything.”
  • “If they don’t know that they want a female, chances are they’re probably going to go with a male.” [About clients voice-over choices]
  • “They help educate you all through the way.” [About having an agent]
  • “We devalue what we do… because we don’t know what we’re worth.”
  • “There are a lot of ways to get there and not every way is the same.”
  • “You got to get to know yourself for a while.” [About starting radio or voice-overs]
  • “It’s just something you do, because you like doing it, and it’s fun.” [About doing voice-over]
  • “You have to get used to how you sound… spend your time listening to yourself… read your scripts out loud.”
  • “Just have faith in yourself.”

Key Timestamps:

  • 00:35 –  Introduction
  • 01:30 –  Biggest success story
  • 03:18 –  About doing auditions, clients’ choices between male and female voices
  • 08:28 – Biggest failure / learning experience
  • 13:28 –  Advantages of having an agent
  • 15:37 –  The most interesting job story
  • 16:40 – Advice for people who want to work as a voice-over
  • 23:17 –  Where to find Chelsea in social media
  • 24:19 – Next week’s guest

Stay Tuned…

If you want to use Chelsea (or any of our other talented voice artists) for your audio, listen until the end of our show for a special deal! Our next great guest is Karl Jenkinson, who works with audio books… without giving anything away, you might want to listen to that episode if you like free stuff 😉


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