Our guest this week is Chelsea Bates from Alberta, Canada. By day she’s the Creative Director of a privately-owned radio station, and produces advertising content for local clients. By night she’s a voice talent: back in 2012, she was actually one of the first 10 voice artists to join Music Radio Creative! She also happens to be one who got our host Kyran involved with MRC 🙂

Top Quotes from Chelsea Bates:

  • “I knew I wanted to be in entertainment.” [About choosing Broadcast School]
  • “My mom wanted me to be a pharmacist… counting pills all day… I just knew it wasn’t who I was.”
  • “Having someone believe in you really goes a long way.”
  • “You just kind of send out your audio sometimes and then you hear it in places you don’t expect, and it can really make your day.”
  • “You make really strong relationships in radio… those are the people that inspire me most.”
  • “Just be the best you… that’s the biggest thing.”
  • “Not everybody can be Morgan Freeman, but there are some really good soundalikes.”
  • “Body care is one of the biggest things… I drink lukewarm water when I can… I don’t eat dairy when I’m voicing.”
  • “When I started voicing, in the first few months I lost 10 pounds.”
  • “It’s just a matter of learning what you can eat, when.”
  • “I’m not a producer at all… but when I’m sending you audio, I want it to be clean as possible.”
  • “Your producers are your best friends; you’re only as good as your producer.”
  • “It kind of changes you; it changes your diet, it changes you social life.” [About voice work]
  • “Just be mindful of where you’re going, what you’re doing, and how that’s affecting your voice the next day.”


  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Key Timestamps:

  • 0:40 – Introduction
  • 1:23  – Chelsea’s job at a radio station
  • 2:22 – How it started with writing commercials
  • 4:11  – Plans for future when studying in Broadcast School
  • 6:11  – How it started with doing voice-overs
  • 8:10 – What is Radio Station Imaging
  • 9:07 – Story behind sending demo to MRC
  • 11:20 – About freelance voice-over work
  • 13:55 – The biggest inspirations
  • 15:41 – Thoughts about competitive market
  • 17:54 – Tools used for voice-overs/home studio equipment
  • 22:40 – Diet, food habits used for a good voice-over
  • 25:55 – Learning producer skills while being a voice-over actor
  • 26:54 – Tips for script writers
  • 30:56 – Tricks for dairy voice diet
  • 36:00 – Working as the host of a podcast
  • 38:00 – Chelsea’s voice-over examples

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