In this article I’ll reveal the best radio promo sound effects that, if used correctly, will raise the mood of your listener and increase response to your promo. Audio is a very influential medium and using feel good sound effects in a promo or commercial can create the perfect emotional state. We always remember messages better when we’re on an emotional high.

Best Sound Effects for a Radio Promo

A recent survey of 2,000 people in the UK by Drayton Manor Theme Park revealed these sounds to be popular.

  • Waves crashing against rocks
  • Rain lashing against a window
  • Snow crumbling underfoot
  • A laughing baby
  • Chirping birds
  • An open fire crackling away
  • Group laughter
  • Crunching leaves
  • Purring cat
  • Distant church bells
  • Sounds related to making coffee

All of the above sound effects above can be found for free to use in any production even if it is for broadcast or commercial gain. Read more about the fantastic Creative Commons 0 license at the end of this article.

Tecnora – Example Radio Spot

Radio Promo Sound Effects to Avoid

The most disliked sounds include someone throwing up, nails on a chalk board, a car alarm and the dreaded dentist’s drill. It’s best to avoid these sounds unless your making a horror or Halloween radio promo!

Where to get Free Sound Effects

If you’re looking for free radio promo sound effects with absolutely no copyright issues I would recommend checking out It is an amazing resource with many high quality recordings. Make sure that after you run a search you select “Creative Commons 0” under licensesĀ tab as this will give you complete license to copy, modify, distribute or perform the work (even for commercial gain) without the need for permission or the worry of having a future copyright claim. See the video below and follow these steps yourself.